Not today, COVID-19!

Pes is fully operational


We write to let you know that our team here at Pes Motion Studio is fully operational.

While this is not “business as usual” for anyone, our staff at Pes is accustomed to delivering remotely on
a daily basis. We’ve been successfully doing this for years with clients around the world and have the systems in place
to ensure seamless communication, confidentiality, and commitment to project completion.

As offices around the globe need to temporarily close,
Pes can provide relief to new and existing clients through our robust virtual network. Our team is safely
set up with the necessary equipment and find ourselves in a unique position to help those who have had
to cancel live action projects and productions. As a full-service creative studio, Pes can:
Use previously shot footage mixed with fresh animation
Design new, engaging characters
Set your brand in authentic digital environments
Create completely personalized 2D/3D animated spots
Our full-time team of animators, illustrators, designers,
3D motion artists and creative directors is available to collaborate and support you in this time of upheaval.

Please be safe. Practice social distancing. Wash your hands. And stay healthy. We’re all in this together.


The team @Pes

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