aescripts + aeplugins
Cyber Monday


Understanding that aescripts + aeplugins is one of the most prominent plugins and script portals in the industry, we were thrilled to have been asked by the company to launch a SM spot for CyberWeek.

Always striving to create unique and groundbreaking work for our clients, we wanted to take viewers on a surreal journey alongside the familiarity of a traditional American breakfast. To do this, we experimented with different graphic styles and animation techniques that showcase the diversity of solutions that aescripts + aeplugins can offer. With doses of pop aesthetics and collage composition, animated cereal bounces into the breakfast bowl while aescripts solutions enthusiastically feed computers and nourish our creativity. Thank you, aescripts + aeplugins for allowing us the opportunity to ideate, design, and create this fabulously fun universe for you.
We’re already looking forward to next year!

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