We Make Creating Fun

Digital Campaign

Pes Motion Studio delighted in working with Aescripts on their new digital campaign for SM, “We Make Creating Fun.” We unleashed our creativity and our wittiest ideas with three eclectic spots produced entirely by our in-house team.

Pes’s objective in creating these scenes was to represent the different stages and emotions that artists go through when embarking on a creative project.

To achieve this goal, we set ourselves the ambitious task of conceptualizing, designing, and animating more than 50 scenes to create a world of endless possibilities for the brand. 

Our team explored all the styles, aesthetics, and techniques we could think of. We tested and played around with Aescripts plugins, showcasing the vast universe of possibilities offered by their platform.

In terms of design, we immersed ourselves in typography development, character design, abstract compositions, collages, vector illustrations, and the integration of live-action footage. When it came to animation, we also had fun experimenting with every technique in the book, including cell animation, VFX, 3D motion, 2D motion… You name it, we did it!

We loved collaborating once again with Aescripts and bringing to life such a creative, original, and exciting project. Enjoy!

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