The Walt Disney Company
Disney Animals in the Funhouse S4

Graphic Pack

The Pes Motion Studio team created the visual identity for a new Disney Junior show called “Disney Animals in the Funhouse.” We animated both Mickey and the funhouse worlds he entered.

It meant a lot to us that the incredible Disney team trusted us to animate their most emblematic character as he journeyed around the world.
We strove to be 100% faithful to Disney’s iconic figures when we created more than 10 types of habitats from all corners of the world, in 3D, one habitat for each of the different episodes.

We wanted all the CG movements to look perfect. Using lip-syncing and special detailing in the animation of each character’s gestures, we created colorful characters who looked friendly, likable and approachable. The challenge, as always with CG animation, is making everything look believable.

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