The Dodo
Roman to the Rescue

Graphic Pack

Pes Motion Studio welcomed the opportunity to develop the new branding for the Disney XD & Hulu show
“Roman to the Rescue,” an original live action series from the production company The Dodo.

Our team eagerly rose to the challenge of creating the identity of a very emotional show highlighting a team effort to rescue and rehabilitate dogs and to place these pups in the perfect new home. We worked on a 100% digital concept,
where we created tools based on the language of social networks.

We created a toolkit, with more than 100 designs of different styles of stickers, emojis, and miscellaneous animated graphics to shape this fun visual identity. From the brand design, animation, and vibrantly colored illustrations to the rounded and smooth fonts, our team chose every element to convey Roman’s compassionate rescue of special dogs, as well as his joyous journey to match welcoming families with the perfect pet.

We really enjoyed working on this project and can’t wait to see how the stories in each episode unfold,
with the help of our imaginative and unique toolkit.

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