Graphic Pack

For five consecutive years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the creative team from MTV Networks Latin America to develop the visual identity for the MTV MIAW Awards, the show that celebrates the trendiest in pop culture, music, and social networks.

Millennials seem to be in a permanent state of change. Our challenge has always been to identify what’s new and trendy in their worlds and mix it into the show visually to drive the young MTV audience crazy. But we can’t repeat anything. We have to be innovative, and so we had to do a deep dive into their culture to find the right visual language to communicate effectively to them. For this edition of the MTV MIAW Awards, we relied on the acronyms used in social networks to generate a LIT AF graphic package.
It was an ambitious project. Over five months we developed brand toolkits, graphic packages, on-air promos, and OOH assets. We also developed live stage arena graphics, including unique visual looks for each of the musical artists who were part of the show. This culminated with a week of on-site work in Mexico City and basking in the fun and excitement of the live show.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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