Netflix x Otis College of Art and Design
Access Entertainment Certificate Program


Pes Motion Studio contributed to breaking barriers in this collaborative effort with Netflix + OTIS College of Art and Design. We teamed up to develop the visual identity for ACCESS, a new entertainment certification program for underrepresented students that grants scholarships and mentoring opportunities from Otis College instructors and leading industry professionals.

Our art directors at Pes Motion Studio particularly enjoyed this project for its creative potential and celebration of diversity. Our team was tasked with creating and preparing content that promotes an environment where diverse ideas, talent, and potential are unlimited. To highlight how the ACCESS program stresses concepts such as inclusion, union, and growth, we designed dynamic and energetic animation complemented by a stimulating, vivid color palette. In order to effectively communicate how ACCESS represents an environment for the development of creativity, Pes Motion Studio created a modern visual identity that reinforces the key elements of robust talent and creative potential from various sources.

As a Latinx studio, Pes Motion Studio is proud to have been part of this initiative and hopes it will help encourage new generations of motivated creatives to unlock the potential to succeed. The identity toolkit we created intentionally includes 100% expressive motion to attract diverse interest by celebrating the various identities and ideologies of prospective applicants. At Pes Motion Studio, we are living proof that the creative industry thrives with diverse voices and points of view! We’re grateful to have contributed in helping underrepresented talent discover scholarship programs like ACCESS.

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