Geeked Week 2021

Graphic Pack

Together with the incredible team at Netflix, Pes Motion Studio brought to life the promotional pieces for the visual campaign of NETFLIX GEEKED WEEK.

Netflix’s 2021 future series and movies were revealed, including Master of the Universe: Revelation, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Cowboy Bebop, The Umbrella Academy, and many more.

By selecting a vibrant color palette but with a touch of nostalgia, Pes Motion Studio created a fully illustrated journey through the digital world of Netflix fans. The 80’s generation must have wiped away a tear with these new re-releases on Netflix!

In addition, Pes created a main promo video and a number of aesthetic images for stickers, posters, key art, and count-down videos. All these different pieces resulted in an incredible social media campaign. We hope you enjoy this work; we certainly had fun doing it!

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