Goes on an Adventure

Graphic Pack

It’s always a joy to collaborate with exciting and imaginative brands like Nickelodeon. When The Viacom Agency approached us for a project with Nickelodeon NYC, we couldn’t wait to help them develop a dynamic graphics package.

Nickelodeon’s Goes on an Adventure features explorers who travel all over the world to take viewers behind the scenes to show how the entertainment world works. Pes Motion Studio was very happy to create a lively, colorful, whimsical GFX package to capture the excitement of these worldwide journeys of discovery.

PES chose a vibrant color palette for the design of a 3D backpack that unzips to reveal some essential moving parts for a fun, fanciful, around-the-world trip: Every Kid Adventure Kit must contain an animated journal, whirring Polaroid camera, talking megaphone, and soaring skateboard!

Enjoy the journey!

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