Pes Motion Studio

Digital Campaign

Pes Motion Studio is proud to share our latest creative campaign, #StayPes; we hope to inspire everyone to keep moving and stay positive!

As COVID-19 spread globally, and the first quarantines appeared worldwide, the team at Pes Motion Studio, like many industry motion studios, started working remotely from home.

Quickly, we realized that we were dealing with a new reality: Practicing stringent sanitary measures, spending time exclusively in our homes, and coping with our children running around us in the middle of video calls. How could we live with these dramatic personal changes and still maintain 100% of our professional work flow?

One answer was to create our own internal, motivational campaign posted on Instagram, #StayPes. Each team member used design, illustration, and animation to reveal their tips for staying active, healthy, playful, productive, and creative. #StayPes combines these upbeat, fun, and creative pieces together to show how we are going through these demanding times as a team.

We hope that everyone stays active, creative, and, most important, healthy. Stay safe! #StayPes!
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