Q Channel
En Alta / Lo Que Quiero


PES was thrilled to once again be entrusted with the task of working on the rebranding for the Music Channel “Q.” As massive music lovers, we always look forward to projects that allow the freedom to combine our whimsical, richly textured visuals with diverse, quality music.

For the first spot, “En Alta / Moving Up” we created a 3D universe filled with playful representations of the different types of sounds created by musical instruments. Music is ever evolving in sonic bloom as shapes grow organically upwards in a modern orchestra bursting with color, texture and movement.

For the second spot, “Lo Que Quiero / What I Want,” we created a post-apocalyptic, arid landscape from which buried rock music instruments break out from their dry, dusty confines with an explosion of vitality and force. Long live music! ROCK ON!

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