Better Energy Future

Global Campaign

After developing “Bedtime Stories” for Shell, we were asked once again to continue adding to the global #makethefuture campaign. This time we supported the initiatives of five start-ups focused on renewable energy.

We created a series of animated spots focusing on access to new, renewable energies: 1) The introduction of GravityLight in Kenya, a safe and renewable light source powered only by a bag of rocks; 2) the implementation of solar panels in the Santa Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro; 3) the collaboration with Global Alliance for the installation of clean stoves in China; 4) the development of hydrogen fuel service stations in California, Germany, and England, and 5) the use of natural gas as an alternative for cooking in India.
For this project, we created illustrative animations in five different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Mandarin), using infographic characters to describe the implementation and benefits of these initiatives around the world.

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