Moments / Sonar

Character Design

Pes Motion Studio’s first Character Design work for the video game industry was a project for Steelseries. Our team designed and developed a “gang” of invincible characters for the launch of the Moments and Sonar applications.

Each character in our gang was created to represent a different stereotype from the world of video games. These characters accompany the gamers as they play and explain the different advantages and benefits of using the Moments and Sonar Apps, including Capture, Edit, and Share Your Best Moments.

We proudly present Jake, Tina, Caroline, TJ, Jamal, Voxel, Bait and The Orc, “the virtual gang” created by Pes Motion Studio for Steelseries.
These unique characters were designed to evoke and enhance those glorious moments achieved through online video games.

Let’s play!

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