The Walt Disney Company
Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion

Key Art

Pes Motion Studio had the opportunity to collaborate once again with The Disney Channel. This time, we developed the design of the key art and the visual imagery of their new Disney Channel series, Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion.

A 13-year-old Latina teenager named Violet Rodriguez is chosen by a magical wrestler’s mask to become Ultra Violet, a super-speedy, crime-fighting superhero alongside her Uncle Cruz, also known as the Black Scorpion.

During the research and exploration process, the team at Pes Motion Studio immersed themselves in the world of Mexican wrestling culture. Impressed by its enormous power and vibrant color palette, we built a powerful visual system and achieved vivid, energetic, fresh images in order to capture the fascinating imagery of the masked wrestlers. 

We loved being able to participate in the creation of the first superheroine with a Latin flavor.

Livin’ la vida Ultra! 💜⚡💜

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